Exciting erotic massage

Erotic massage is the massage of the whole body emphasizing the intimate parts. Mainly, it offers you orgasm or the so-called happy ending. This type of massage is more or less a masculine business. It is all about your physical relaxation and sexual relief. It is essential to realize that there is nothing wrong with the pleasure that is required by your body. You should not punish yourself for your desire because it is your body´s desire and you must take care of it in every way. It is not only about ordinary sex, but the professional masseuse also uses aromatic oils, touches your erogenous zones, you can listen to pleasant music, and scent wonderful odors.

erotic massage

The masseuse touches you with her hands and lets you feel her body in order to excite yourself. She can massage you with her big firm breasts, or with her whole body as well, it is all up to you and up to the agreement between you and the masseuse.

Erotic massage https://bratislavatantra.sk/en/ helps you discover and fulfill your desires. Bratislava Tantra offers massages for men and women as well. You can choose the program and the masseuse according to your preferences. After the introductory shower, you will enjoy the namaste ritual which means showing respect to each other and establishing closer contact. After the massage itself, you will have a shower again and some time to finish your relaxation. You will be provided with a small gift. Some small refreshments are to be offered at any time.

erotická masáž

The massage lasts from 45 minutes up to two and a half hours. It is up to you how long you can want to enjoy it. You can choose either one-way or body-to-body massage. The former means the masseuse massages you, and the latter is mutual massage. If you are into secrets and adventures, there is something for you. So-called Secret Dark massage can be experienced only in our salon Bratislava Tantra.